AVENGERS: ENDGAME | Spoiler Review

I got up this morning to go and watch Avengers: Endgame a second time. After working the midnight release, and checking the screens, I continued to notice little things that I wanted to experience again - so with today being my day off, I went back to the cinema for a rewatch. With that in … Continue reading AVENGERS: ENDGAME | Spoiler Review

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY | ‘New to Comics’ Review

After the big events of Infinity War, we're sticking with the theme of 'Cosmic adventurers', but after a bit of time off, are getting back to our normal approach. This week, we're looking at a story from a saga that lead to some of the most popular movie characters on the scene at the moment, … Continue reading GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY | ‘New to Comics’ Review


I haven't quite finished reviewing all the older Marvel films yet, although I did finish watching them, so that's half a victory. But having seen Infinity War, I'm not sure I can hold back my thoughts and feelings, so it's review time! [Spoiler-free] RELEASED: April 26th 2017 DIRECTED BY: The Russo Brothers WRITTEN BY: Christopher … Continue reading AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR | Film Review


This post was originally published on my other site, NewToComics.com, but has been moved back to fit in with my MCU review series - if you're a fan of (or want to be a fan of) comic-books, check it out! Although it's coming in three years after its predecessor, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is … Continue reading GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, VOL. 2 | Film Review