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PET SEMATARY | Film Review

“Sometimes dead is better”

RELEASED: April 4th 2019
DIRECTED BY: Kevin Kölsch & Dennis Widmyer
WRITTEN BY: Matt Greenberg & Jeff Buhler
PRODUCED BY: Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Steven Schneider & Mark Vahradian
MUSIC BY: Christopher Young
STARRING: Jason Clarke, Amy Seimetz, Jeté Laurence, Hugo and Lucas Lavoie & John Lithgow

I’m not a huge follower of Stephen King’s works. I’ve read the first few chapters of The Dark Tower (need to get back to it) and seen 2017’s It (overrated), 2017’s Gerald’s Game (excellent) and of course 1980’s The Shining (iconic). With those in mind, I found Pet Sematary to be better than It, but not quite as good as Gerald’s Game or The Shining.

Pet Sematary follows the Creed family as they move from hectic city life in Boston to the Maine countryside (because where else would they go? It’s a Stephen King story). Once there, they are greeted by a beautiful house sheltered by a vast forest, which contains the mysterious ‘Pet Sematary’ – a place that, according to their new neighbour, Jud, has the power to bring things back from the afterlife…

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