All 6 ‘WORLDS OF DC’ Movies, Ranked

Now that I've finally got around to re-watching Wonder Woman and writing up a review to slot safely between Suicide Squad and Justice League, it's finally time to rank ALL SIX WORLDS OF DC MOVIES! Which, to be honest, compared to the 'Ranking All 20 Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies', doesn't sound quite so impressive. But still, it'll be fun, … Continue reading All 6 ‘WORLDS OF DC’ Movies, Ranked

SUICIDE SQUAD | Blu-Ray Review

DC's Worst


The ultimate Bat-movie?

Super-Heroes: The Modern Mythology

This post was originally published on my now defunct site, New to Comics. When it comes to comic-book fans, there are certain things that many seem to have a shared interest in. The most prominent, obviously, is serialised fiction and anything superhero themed. On top of that, there is usually an interest in science-fiction as a … Continue reading Super-Heroes: The Modern Mythology