New to Comics was a university project of mine during my Master’s Degree. At first, it was just a basic website that I had to maintain to get my grade. Then, for my final project, I started improving it and wrote out a business plan for a companion magazine, which earned me a distinction.

After I graduated, I made a couple of attempts to keep New to Comics alive as its own site, but now I’ve realised it would make more sense just to fold it into Geek Space.

The intention of New to Comics is to review, and explain the background behind, various comic books in a new-reader friendly way. Each ‘review’ has a character profile, some background information on the comic, a rundown of the plot, as well as a review.

You can find the various characters and stories I’ve looked at so far under the publishers below:



Real Name: Jonathan Osterman
Affiliation: The Crimebusters
First Appearance: Watchmen #1 (September 1986)

Jon Osterman was the son of a watchmaker, whose future prospects were obliterated by the dropping of the Atom Bomb on Hiroshima. Seeing that human history had forever been altered, his father altered Jon’s path, steering him away from watchmaking and towards nuclear physics. Years later, tragedy struck, as in hoping to recover a present from his lab coat for his girlfriend Janey Slater, Jon was trapped in a test chamber for ‘Intrinsic Fields’ and was disintegrated. Months later, however, empowered by the catastrophe, Jon began to will himself back into existence and was subsequently reborn as the God-like Doctor Manhattan, the first and only superhuman on his world. In this higher plane of existence, Jon began to experience time in a non-linear fashion, and after his transformation joined the superhero team the Crimebusters, fought in the Vietnam War, fell in love with the vigilante Silk Spectre, exiled himself to Mars, and eventually left the Solar System to explore other galaxies. Years later, he would reemerge once more, this time in the DC Universe, where he would use his powers to experiment with the fabric of reality.

Comics: Watchmen
TV: Watchmen


Real Name: Jesse Custer
Affiliation: The Church
First Appearance: Preacher #1 (April 1995)

In a bizarre turn of events, an angel and a demon found themselves falling in love. However, their affair was cut short when the demon became pregnant, leading her angelic lover to turn on her. In their ensuing fight, the child was born – a being with godlike powers. The being, ‘Genesis’, was locked away in heaven, until one day it escaped, and travelled to Earth. On Earth, Genesis merged with depressed preacher Jesse Custer, also the product of a manipulative and abusive upbringing at the hands of his grandmother – their union obliterating the town he lived in. Jesse awoke to learn that he now had the power to command anyone to do anything he told them to. Reuniting with his scorned ex-girlfriend Tulip O’Hare and his new friend, an Irish vampire named Cassidy, Jesse decided to set out and (literally) find God, after learning the deity has ‘quit’, and make him answer for what he’s done. 

Comics: Preacher: Book One
Film: N/A