More Artwork

I haven’t done a whole lot of writing recently. I guess outside of seeing Shang-Chi I haven’t really felt all that inspired.

However, I have been trying to do more drawing.

I previously posted a few sketches I did late last year of the Mandalorian and a few other Star Wars and Marvel related things.

This past week though, I’ve tried to get more in the habit of drawing regularly, still mostly working with alcohol markers.

Anyway these are my favourite pieces from the last week…

Firstly, I considered doing a series of portraits of various MCU stars, starting chronologically with Chris Evans’ Captain America (using his Endgame costume as inspiration):

Next, I continued with Captain Marvel. I don’t like this one as much, but I think it’s alright (/worth posting):

Then, yesterday, I let my excitement for God of War: Ragnarok take over, and drew Kratos. I really need to find a PS5 before the game comes out..:

I have done more, but when I’ve built up some more stuff I’m proud of, I’ll be sure to share a few choice selections here.

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