Sketches, Sketches and more Sketches

Happy Holidays, one and all!

I’ve taken a brief break from talking about movies and TV shows and comic books, but rest assured I will get back to it soon.

Today though, I would like to share with you some drawings that I’ve done after receiving some alcohol markers from my girlfriend for our five year anniversary that we celebrated last month, which I’ve been practicing with intimitantly.

When I was younger I used to love drawing, but as life has gone on, I’ve not kept up with it as much as I should.

But now I’m back in the game, as it were, and the first proper drawing I did (and the one that remains my favourite) was of Din Djarin, the eponymous hero of the hit show The Mandalorian.

And of course, you can’t have Mando without his adorable little companion Grogu…

Prior to that, I had already messed around with the markers a little bit, doing these two headshots of Marvel heroes Spider-Man and Wolverine:

I also made an attempt at Chewbacca from Star Wars and Marvel’s own Daredevil.

I’m admittedly less pleased with these. I think I put too much into Chewie’s fur, and accidentally made the Man Without Fear’s head a tad too big (plus, I didn’t account for the alcohol running on his face). But live and learn, right?

Lastly, circling back round to The Mandalorian, I was so enamoured with episode six, The Tragedy, that I had to draw season two’s breakout star: Boba Fett. I had planned to make this the first part of a bigger piece, but he updated his look in the next episode, so I’ll amend my plans to focus on his newer appearance.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Any feedback is of course, welcome.

And I hope you’ve all had a great holiday period. I’ll see you soon.

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