SIEGE | Comic Review

The Civil War, the Initiative, the Secret Invasion, the Dark Reign – it’s all been leading to this. 

Norman Osborn’s time as America’s top peacekeeping operative and leader of the Dark Avengers comes to a close in this explosive finale (of sorts) to Bendis Avengers era, as the super-villains lay siege to the floating city of Asgard and the true power of the Sentry is revealed!

Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Brian Bendis
Art by: Olivier Coipel, Jim Cheung & Michael Lark
Year: 2010

Collects: Siege #1 – 4

PLOT: After helping Doctor Doom reclaim his kingdom, Norman Osborn offers to do right by another member of his Cabal by helping Loki reclaim Asgard. 

Together, the pair orchestrate an incident with the Asgardians that will give the Dark Avengers and H.A.M.M.E.R. enough motive to lay siege to the heavenly realm currently located in Oklahoma. But Thor and the Asgardians aren’t going down without a fight, and have reinforcements in the form of the Avengers, the resurrected Steve Rogers and the recovering Tony Stark!

However, for all their combined power, it may be for nought when the Sentry finally reveals the true extent of his awesome powers. 

REVIEW: This is by no means a high calibre event. It shares the same flaws as much of Bendis’ previous work. But it’s also incredibly short, sweet and to the point. 

While that does occasionally come off as it feeling rushed, Siege is structured in such a way that it’s basically just a blockbuster story of constant fighting. All it has to achieve is dethroning Norman Osborn as the head of America’s peacekeeping agency, and so it has fun with it. 

As a result, it’s essentially just four issues of characters punching and shooting energy at each other while Asgard crumbles in the background. 

What really elevates it is the art by Olivier Coipel. Through him, you can feel every punch, every blast, every fall. It’s quite simply glorious to read through for that reason alone and as a bonus, it isn’t afraid to get brutal. At one point a character actually gets ripped in half from head to toe. 

It’s like Bendis understands that he’s laced enough drama throughout his Avengers run, and now, if the whole thing were a movie, this would be the climactic battle. 

In fact, that’s the best way to describe it – this whole book is just one big climax. 

And yes, you could bemoan the fact that some characters are shown watching the events unfold on TV rather than helping out, or question how a load of D-List supervillains can feasibly go to war with literal gods, or critique the ill-defined ‘power-up’ the heroes get towards the end, or even pick apart the logic of the Sentry’s unimaginable power, and how his defeat makes little sense in light of that. 

But frankly, you’d be wasting your time. This comic doesn’t really seem like it wants to tell a well-thought-out story, so much as it wants to just bring the years of Civil Wars and Dark Reigns and heroes fighting heroes to an end and return everything to the status quo. And it chooses to do that in the most bombastic way possible. 

I respect that, and as a result, all-in-all, I give Siege a…

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