“And there came a day, a day unlike any other… when Earth’s mightiest heroes found themselves united against a common threat!”

And since their conception all those years ago, there have been many such days.

This is just the latest in a long line of Avengers Assembling, this time against the cosmic threat of the Celestials!

Published by: Marvel
Written by: Jason Aaron
Art by: Ed McGuinness, Paco Medina & Sara Pichelli  
Year: 2018

Collects: Avengers Vol. 8 #1 – 6

PLOT: It’s been a long time since the original Captain America, Iron Man and Thor have served on the Avengers together, so when the giant metal bodies of the godlike Celestials begin raining from the sky, they decide it’s time to put the old band back together!

With Loki subtly pulling the strings behind the scenes, an assembly of heroes including She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Doctor Strange and the newest Ghost Rider make ready to join them in their fight.

But even with such a varied collection of powers on display, what hope do these new Avengers truly have against the corrupted ‘Final Host’ of Celestials, with power enough to slaughter their own kin?

REVIEW: Sometimes comics ask you to suspend your disbelief somewhat, and allow for some goofiness.

There’s nothing wrong with that necessarily – some of the best comic stories are quite goofy.

But then there are times when the goofiness doesn’t work, and the concept on the page is too much for your suspension of disbelief to take.

Maybe there’s one element that just doesn’t gel with you. Something that really takes you out of it.

That’s not always the end though, a comic can have something that doesn’t fit and still succeed.

Unfortunately, Avengers: The Final Host has two of those things.

Firstly, there’s the fact that Jason Aaron’s Avengers is framed with the idea that one million years ago, Odin and other precursors to modern heroes like Iron Fist, Black Panther, Ghost Rider and Phoenix teamed up to form [what is editorially known as] ‘The Avengers of 1,000,000 BC’.

They’re the early protectors of humanity, stepping up to save cave men/neanderthals from threats they can save themselves from.

So, first of all, why do the Avengers themselves look so… Human?

Like, I’m no genealogist (or scientist of any sort), but I’m pretty sure humans as we know them didn’t exist a million years ago (in fact, a quick Google search tells us that homo sapiens as we currently know them haven’t even been around for half of that time). And why does the one hero who actually is a neanderthal, Starbrand, look like the Hulk? That’s not how Starbrand’s powers work at all. They’re Cosmic powers, not Hulk powers.

Then, even if you accept that they shouldn’t exist technically, you then face the fact that a secret team of prior Avengers isn’t even a new idea! Granted, no other team of this sort dates back quite as far as a million years ago, but in my opinion, everything you create a new ‘original Avengers’, it makes the actual Avengers seem less special. Them coming together isn’t some big momentous occasion, because apparently it’s happened a whole load over the generations. 

And then, even if you can move past all of that, because, as I said, it’s a framing device that doesn’t take up too many pages of this particular story, you have to contend with the revelation that Aaron has rewritten the history of the Marvel Universe to say that the reason for humanity, and their subsequent mutations and superpowers, is because 4 billion years ago, a Celestial crash-landed on Earth and puked all over it.

That’s right, the premise of this story is that the Avengers, and humanity as a whole, are a consequence of a space-god’s vomit.

The origins of Earth’s superpowers is something that has been touched on many times before. It wasn’t some big mystery. So to rewrite it with something so… dumb… Well, it just seems unnecessary.

There are countless ways you could write this story, without the caveman Avengers and without the words ‘God’s Vomit’ being so integral to the plot, and it would have worked out just as well if not better.

Maybe, somewhere down the line, this will all come together as some transcendent overarching story years in the making, but at the moment I highly doubt it.

Still, that’s not to say this comic is a complete write-off.

The story, at its core, reassembling the Avengers, is simple and fun enough. It puts the pieces on the board so we can move forward, and with Ed McGuinness on the art, it does so in style. Paco Medina and Sara Pichelli also help out, strong artists whose styles somewhat gel with McGuinness’, but to be honest that constant swapping does stand out a bit.

But there’s still fun to be had here. It’s a blockbuster comic if ever there was one, with giant battles and alien invasions and romance and globe-spanning adventure.

It’s got many of Marvels current premiere heroes all in one place, and for that alone, it may be worth the read.

Personally though, all-in-all, I’m going to give it a…

… Because there are already so many good Marvel stories out there, so a ‘fine’ one with such stupid elements (in my opinion, obviously) may not be worth your time.

Anyway, thanks for reading! What kind of stories do you like, one where everything’s explained or one’s where there remains an air of mystery? Let me know in the comments below! 

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