DC FanDome, Part IV: Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League & The Batman


My coverage of the DC FanDome – the online convention for all things DC – continues. You can watch all eight hours of content on dcfandome.com, which will then be repeated twice over the 24 hour period. Then it’s gone. There’s also stuff going up on YouTube, but just the trailers.

I’ve been covering what’s happening in parts. Thus far I’ve been updating as I go to. Part 1Part 2 and Part 3 covered Wonder Woman 1984Gotham KnightsThe Flash and The Suicide Squad, Justice League: The Snyder Cut and Black Adam. There’s also been a lot of talk about my stream crashing and me wondering what’s going on with my takeaway order. I had a Chinese, it was lovely.

Anyway, let’s get into it!

1.12am – We’ve moved into the early hours of the morning, and I’ve returned to catch the end of the Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary panel. Once again, a game is being played. I haven’t seen enough to understand the context.

1.14am – New host Will Arnet has thrown us straight into the action this time around. There’s no set-up, we’ve just been thrown right into the new trailer for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League! Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, King Shark,

Once again, things seem very much disconnected from the Arkham games.

And as if this wasn’t already my most anticipated part of the evening, the trailers rocking OutKast.

1.23am – I was expecting good things, but seriously, that looked fantastic. The story is intriguing. The voice cast seems perfect. The visuals are great, and the whole thing just looks like a heap of fun. That little interaction between the Squad and Will Arnet just hammered it all down.

1.25am – I was wrong. Turns out this is a part of the Arkham universe. I’m sure it’ll make sense, but this seems like it would actually benefit from doing its own thing. Still think it’ll be great either way.

1.28am – Apparently, they’re approaching this game in a similar way to how they’ve approached Batman. Open world, really delving into the city, this time Metropolis, and bringing it to life.

1.30am – Like Marvel’s Avengers, this is a co-op experience (if you want it to be), and you can play through in squads of four, or just team-up with bots. If you play by yourself, you’re not tied to a particular character and can change between each character at will.

1.31am – Will Arnet has jokingly asked to be in the game. Maybe he’ll be Batman?

1.33am – Speaking of, Robert Pattinson has entered the FanDome.

1.35am – Robert gave us a nice little intro, but now Matt Reeves takes the stage. Impressive moustache.

1.36am – Final crash of the evening? Don’t worry internet. It’s nearly over.

1.40am – I honestly don’t know if it’s the FanDome site or my internet, but it seems as of late the prices for Sky Broadband have gone up while the quality has gone down. Any UK readers have a service provider they can recommend?

1.41am – Not really sure what they’re talking about now, but I think it’s the TV show.

1.42am – Yeah, it’s the TV show. I’m sure what he had to say was very interesting. But I wouldn’t know.

1.43am – Talking about the Batsuit, Reeves says it had to look practical, like something Wayne could have made himself in his second year. The scars of his fights show on his cowl.

1.44am – Like with Affleck before him, Christian Bale stressed upon Pattinson the need to be able to pee in the suit.

1.45am – Reeves claims he wants to create a Gotham that you haven’t seen before. Partly why they’ve been filming in Liverpool. Could have gone to see it if it wasn’t for Covid-19. It’s a quick train ride away.

1.46am – This Batman will be something of a legend. Feared by the public. Not quite the hero we know him as. Reeves claims Pattinson is perfect for the role because he’s a chameleon and has the soul of the character they’re trying to create.

1.49am – I love how excited and into this Reeves is. He’s clearly put a ton of thought into every aspect of this movie.

1.51am – Once again, Reeves emphasizes that the detective aspect of the character will be central to the plot, unlike prior Batman movies.

1.53am – I’m not gonna lie. I’m quite tired. Show me this trailer, please.

1.55am – Here we go. Only 25% of the movie has been shot, but Reeves has, of course, brought a tease.

1.57am – Good to finally see Pattinson himself in the Batsuit properly. He looks great.

1.58am – Goddamn. The whole thing looks great. Perfect tone. Great action. Pattinson’s going to make a fantastic Batman.

1.59am – The whole thing’s about to start over, so I’m going to tap out.

Goodnight all, hope you’ve had a great time at FanDome. Or are about to, if you’re watching the encore.

I’ll do a follow up post tomorrow collecting all the best bits. See you then!

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