DC FanDome, Part II: Multiverse 101, Flash & The Suicide Squad

My coverage of the DC FanDome – the online convention for all things DC – continues. You can watch all eight hours of content on dcfandome.com, which will then be repeated twice over the 24 hour period. Then it’s gone. There’s also stuff going up on YouTube, but just the trailers.

I’ll be covering what’s happening in parts (The Flash Suicide Squad – Joker & the Suprise Panel – The Snyder Cut & Black Adam – Aquaman & “Ask Harley Quinn” – Shazam!, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice LeagueThe Batman).

Thus far I’ve been updating as I go to, in my opinion, mixed success, so I may reserve some thoughts until there’s actually stuff to talk about (ie, not just droning on about what the various cast of Wonder Woman are saying about tennis) but we’ll see.

Anyway, let’s get into it!

19.12pm – The Multiverse 101 panel is about to start after this Sandman talk, and I’m not really sure what it is but we’ll give it a go.

In other news, my conservatory is leaking like crazy and I’m crazy-hungry. I might need to order food soon and just hope the rain stays died down for a bit. I just don’t want that delivery driver to get soaked.

Plan B is eating hay and nuggets with my guinea pigs.

19.20pm – This panel seems to be a primer on the DC Multiverse (Crisis on Infinit Earths, Flashpoint, that sort of thing), presumably before they get into the Flash panel. But they’ve got Jim Lee (publishing), Walter Hamada (movies) and Greg Berlanti (television) here so it may provide some unexpected surprises.

Also, my stream just crashed again.

19.26pm – I don’t have much to report. They’re mostly discussing Ezra Miller’s cameo on the Arrowverse Crisis on Infinite Earths. What I find interesting about this is how highly they’re speaking about Ezra Miller as a person, an actor and a Flash fan.

I didn’t really doubt this, but this will probably dispel any theories that DC are going to drop Miller after that video of him in a fight (?) at a bar went viral a few months back.

19.35pm – The group have reaffirmed that the TV (/Movie) Multiverse is still very much intact after the events of Crisis, and as such, Matt Reeves The Batman and spin-off TV series are very much in their own universe and are definitely year two of the Batman’s adventures.

My computer seems to be having a hard time with all of this, I’m trying to speed things up before the Flash panel starts.

19.41pm – As the current host just said, it looks like the future of DC is pretty bright. The Multiverse panel cemented the fact that Warner Bros and AT&T are really making the most of the all weirdness of the DC Universe.

Anyway, the Flash panel is starting.

19.43pm – I’m not sure they’ll have a load of new information to deal out, but this panel seems very upbeat and jovial. The panellists are Ezra Miller (star), Christina Hodson (writer), and Andy and Barbara Muschietti (director and producer).

Flash Fact: Superman is a vegetarian and a Metallica fan, according to Ezra Miller.

19.45pm – Christina Hodson claims that the comic which made her fall in love with the Flash was in fact, Flashpoint. 

Flash Fact: Hippos are faster than humans, again, according to Ezra Miller. This is fun.

I may have to step away from the computer to wait for my food, but I’ll take my tablet with me and keep watching.

19.48pm – Barry Allen is getting a new suit, built by Batman! It looks a lot more comic accurate, a lot sleeker. Less Injustice.

19.53pm – There’s a little overview of Batman on TV playing at the moment. Meanwhile, I’m wondering what’s going on with my food. The rain’s stopped. The money’s gone through. No confirmation e-mail though.

19.58pm – Suicide Squad time. Never before seen content promised.

20.00pm – Right, the website says my food should arrive in half an hour. Meanwhile, James Gunn is answering fan questions. Harley Quinn is his favourite character to write.

20.04pm – Gunn claims that he sees his movie as more of a sequel to John Ostrander’s comics, as opposed to an adaptation. Don’t take that literally, obviously. This isn’t a Watchmen situation.

Batmite was Gunn’s favourite villain growing up. He briefly considered putting him in the movie.

Someone is now asking Gunn to confirm who actors are playing from the set photos. Gunn promises we will find out momentarily.

20.05pm – Here we go:

Viola Davis is Amanda Waller.

Joel Kinnaman is Rick Flag.

Michael Rooker is Savant. Flula Borg is Javelin.

Margot Robbie is Harley Quinn.

David Dastmalchian is Polka-Dot Man.

Daniela Melchior is Ratcatcher II.

Idris Elba is Bloodsport.

Steve Agee is King Shark.

Mayling Ling is Mongal.

Peter Capaldi is Thinker.

Alice Braga is Sulsoria.

Pete Davidson is Blackguard.

Nathan Fillion is T.D.K.

Sean Gunn is Weasel.

Jai Cortney is Captain Boomerang.

John Cena is Peacemaker.

I nearly missed some of those, but they went over it again. Anyway, they’re playing a game now. Apologies if I got any of those actor’s names wrong. I’ll go over it later.

20.12pm – The game is basically, who knows more about Suicide Squad comics. They’ve split into teams. Team Amanda Waller vs Team Rick Flag.

Viola Davis is currently winning. But we’re only one question in.

20.16pm – This game is chaos. Seems like a pretty fun group though, I’m excited about the movie.

20.23pm – So my stream crashed again. Pretty majorly this time. Not sure what happened to the panel, but there’s a behind-the-scenes featurette and it looks goddamn awesome.

20.24pm – The panel ends in a moment. So I’m going to try and watch that featurette, sort out my food, then fill the gap that was made by Chrome crashing.

20.30pm – Alrighty then. I’ve got my food. I’ve got a beer. I’ve got the featurette off of YouTube. Here we go:

Initial thoughts? Harley Quinn’s new tactical suit looks great. The other costumes look gloriously ridiculous in the best way.

The film as a whole looks explosive, exciting and really huge in scale. I can’t wait.

20.35pm – Just looking for some pictures now. Also, I got Chinese food. This chicken and sweetcorn soup is delish.

20.53pm – I will get back to this. The next panel I will definitely write about will be the surprise panel at quarter to ten. May cover the Joker panel. Currently watching the BAWSE Females of Colour panel. It’s really inspiring, so check it out if you get the chance.

Anyway, between now and 21.45 I’m finish eating and then get back to writing and editing. Stick around.

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