Thoughts on the final (Star Wars: The Rise of) Skywalker Trailer

I woke up at five AM this morning, and couldn’t get back to sleep. I tried, but a part of me kept whispering ‘man, you know that new Star Wars trailer will be out by now, you should go watch it.’

I figured I should probably focus on trying to get back to sleep, but alas, I couldn’t. I got up, made some coffee, quietly turned on my PlayStation and watched the trailer (I wanted that big screen feel – you understand).

Then I watched it again.

And again.

And again.

And several more times after that.

And now I’m going to talk about it.

From the start, this music won me over. These trailers always have the best music, and this new one is no exception. But let’s get into the actual visual content:

“It’s an instinct. A Feeling”

Since the start of this new trilogy, some groups of Star Wars fans have bemoaned the fact that Rey, the protagonist of these new films, seemingly showed no struggle, and was all powerful. While that isn’t exactly true, it seems the beginning of this film will rectify that. Thus far, two trailers have shown Rey in training, and while I have no doubt Luke will be involved in some capacity, I believe that her actual teacher is Leia – due to the fact the only places we’ve seen her thus far are in this location alongside Rey.

I think this is an especially interesting way to open the new film, as it gives a bit of backstory on Leia’s jedi powers, while also giving Rey the training and guidance she’s been craving throughout the trilogy. I’m excited to see what level she’s at now – give me some prequel-era Jedi skills!

“The Force brought us together”

I know that the opening of this trailer mirrors the original Force Awakens trailer in the way it gives each of the central characters a little focus before blasting into the main show, but I thought Finn’s feature was particularly interesting due to the way he talks about the Force.

He seems to be speaking with some knowledge on the subject, and while it could just be in a religious way, like Maz Kanata did in TFA and Chirrut in Roge One, it makes me think of Collider’s Kristian Harloff, who keeps theorizing that Finn will discover he too can use the force. I don’t particularly want this to happen, but this clip made me think ‘Huh, maybe’.

“We’re not alone. Good people will fight if we lead them!”

Another thing people bemoan about the Sequels is the fact that they don’t think the characters have been developed enough. Again, that’s debatable, but hearing the tinge of desperation in Oscar Isaac’s voice-over here made me realise how much I appreciate these characters.

I used to be quite down on The Force Awakens, while loving The Last Jedi, but over the years, my opinion on TFA has changed. While I still think it’s highly derivative (I know that’s the intention, but I think when you’ve got Laurence Kasdan on board you could probably craft an original story that wins back the fans), there is a lot to love there. And a lot of that is the cast. I’m excited to see Isaac’s Poe Dameron, John Boyega’s Finn and Daisy Ridley’s Rey go on a mission together, and I kind of appreciate this is the first time it’s happened, because it means the dynamics will undoubtedly be different to what we’ve seen before.

“People keep telling me they know me. No one does.
I do.”

What an entrance. Spectacular.

Also, it’s kind of crazy to think it’s been four years/movies since we saw an actual lightsaber fight, and I’m very interested to see how it will go down.

Personally, I hope that Kylo Ren wins this one. While I understand he was injured in The Force Awakens, and that Rey tapped into the Force to defeat him, from a overarching narrative perspective, I don’t think their fight was very well constructed. Firstly, having Rey win from the onset made Kylo seem less intimidating; if she beat him the first time, and she’s had training since then, what’s to stop him losing again?

I think a great way to go forward would be to have Rey go through all of this training, and then lose her fight to Kylo, due to his similar growth in power. This isn’t a dig at Rey, it’s just that Kylo’s one of my favourite new characters, and I want him to get some love! Him proving his connection to the dark side by beating out hero would also feed into something I believe is going to happen later in the movie as well…

“Long have I waited…”

Not this bit. The rest of the Kylo stuff comes later. I just want to take some time to appreciate the glory of these shots depicting what I assume is the Emperor’s hideout in the Unknown Regions.

A giant floating ice-mass in space as a hidden lair? Very different. Very evil. Very cool.

“Your coming together… is your undoing”

Like seriously, look at this stuff. I’m still wary of how good this movie will actually be, due to the fact it’s co-written by J.J. Abrams (who I like, but my first impressions of The Force Awakens, as I mentioned, were not good) and Chris Terrio (who wrote Argo, which was good, but hasn’t stuck with me at all, Justice League, which I like, but if we’re being honest isn’t great, and Batman v Superman, which I can find bits I appreciate, but is just bad).

Regardless, at least it’ll be stunning if nothing else.

“Taking one last look, sir, at my friends”

This is the moment that broke me.

First off, it’s obviously very meta. “Taking one last look” at our ‘friends’ – the heroes of the Skywalker Saga, who we first met over forty years ago, and now their story is coming to an end.

There may well be more Skywalker films to come, but this is no doubt the last one featuring the original characters, and the last outing of Anthony Daniels, the only actor who’s appeared in every Star Wars film (and yes, he was in Solo, just not as C-3PO). And that’s quite saddening.

Even moreso, the way Daniels’ delivers that line (perfectly, might I add) makes me worry… Is C-3PO going to die?! This scene filled me with both warmth and dread, as I think if anyone could kick the bucket (not Artoo) in this last adventure, it could well be Threepio. Even if it’s not actual death, so much as some sort of reprogramming (the red eyes from the previous teaser), I’m prepared to be sad.

What’s even sadder is when he says it, the only people he’s known for an extended period of time are Artoo and Chewie, everyone else is fairly new to him, comparatively. So I’m glad as he says those lines, those are the two it focuses on.

It really is kind of heartbreaking, he’s pretty much outlived everyone else (except for Lando – Oh god, don’t kill Lando).

“Confronting fear. It’s the destiny of a Jedi”

What’s that? He hasn’t outlived everybody? Leia’s still alive?

Well, while you’re not wrong, I’m not sure that’ll last.

Not because of the unfortunate departure of Carrie Fisher (happy belated birthday for yesterday, princess), but because Leia, in all of the trailers, only ever appears on this jungle-esque planet in and around the Rey training scenes. Either they’ve got a lot they’re not showing us, or she never leaves the planet. Either because she’s coordinating everything from there, or because she, like Luke before her, passes on with peace and purpose, meaning that she’s able to show up towards the end as a ghost and finish off Luke’s ‘the force will be with you’ quote.

I have no sources on this, obviously, I’m just speculating wildly.

But fortunately Threepio’s potential death has prepared me – I’m ready to get emotional.

“Your destiny…”

You would expect some massive battle in the final film of the Skytwalker Saga – one so epic in scale that it rages across space and planetside, but it looks like the finale will be taking place on Palpatine’s fleet in the unknown regions, which is awesome.

Because what better way to outdo and ground/space battle than to have the ground portion TAKE PLACE IN SPACE ON THE SIDE OF A STAR DESTROYER?! OH MY GAAWWWWWWWDDDDDDD.


Oh yeah, we were talking about Kylo Ren earlier, weren’t we?

To cut to the chase because I need to go see a film shortly, although I don’t know that I want it, I reckon Kylo is going to be redeemed. I mean, this trailer blatantly shows him and Rey working together on multiple occasions. Hence why I would like him to first have some sort of victory as the villain.

No doubt he’ll encounter Palpatine, and realise that maybe being evil isn’t the best, and together he and Rey will team up to kick some super-old guy butt.


Speaking of old-guy butt, what’s up with Palpatine here? Is it just me, or is he in some sort of mechanical suit? Of course, from that angle he could just be sitting in a throne, but I’m sure it looks like he’s moving closer to Rey, and the wiring behind his head make me think he’s in some sort of mobile life-support that makes him tower over everyone else. That would be an interesting visual upgrade.

Man, I really want to see this movie. Like right now. I need answers.

“The Force will be with you.


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