A while back, I did a follow-up post to my review of Spider-Man on PS4, once I finally earned the Platinum Trophy. On that ‘Being Greater’ post, one of the comments by KissTheMovies stated how ‘more games should have a follow up like this’.

Well, after a lot of toiling away, I’ve managed to get that Platinum Trophy on Star Wars Battlefront II, so I’m going to talk a little bit more about the experience of ‘completing’ the game.

Unlike Spider-Man, getting that Platinum Trophy on Battlefront II was not an easy task. Not because the tasks were especially hard, but just because they were time-consuming.

The first set of achievements/trophies that you need to earn are based around the Campaign starring Iden Versio. There are thirteen trophies up for grabs here, ten of which are Bronze, two Silver and one Gold (the last one). Overall, as I said in my review, I found the storyline of Iden and Inferno Squad to be quite lacking – in part because of the marketing and hype built up around it. It was labelled as a chance to play as the ‘bad guy’, but instead, you undergo two or three missions for the Empire before defecting to the Rebel Alliance/New Republic. Spread throughout the campaign are missions where you play as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia Organa, Lando Calrissian and even Kylo Ren. And while they are fun, and keep the gameplay slightly more varied, overall it means that Iden’s story is not only poorly marketed, but pretty limited too.

There are some highlights in the campaign though, and the one that stands out the most to me is probably ‘The Battle of Jakku’, because it actually feels important. The scale of the battle is beautiful to behold, it portrays a critical moment in Star Wars history, and the way the mission mixes up starfighter dogfights and ground assault is quite enjoyable.

It also links into the next four trophies, which involve things like ‘shocking three enemies’ with your droid, or ‘destroying eight starfighters over the battle of Jakku’. It gives you an extra objective and a reason to replay the levels beyond the somewhat cliché campaign. Completing these four objectives will also get you four more Silver Trophies.

Of course, there’s more to Battlefront II than just the campaign. The real meat of the game comes from the online features. Similar to how just completing the various missions would get you a trophy, you’re also awarded a trophy for winning a match in each of the game modes: Galactic Assault, Starfighter Assault, Blast, Strike and Heroes vs Villains. You also get an additional trophy for having completed a match in each game mode.

I appreciate that like many of the trophies here, this encourages you to try the different game modes. Unfortunately, Blast and Strike couldn’t hold my attention enough to keep me playing after I got that win, but I know there are others who are ardent supporters of these modes.

Once you’ve done all of this, the next load of Trophies are more tied to the separate game modes.


The most accessible game mode is probably ‘Arcade’, the offline suite for players who want to train and test their skills.

Here, you can either make your own custom games, where you can set up two teams to clash or even just go it alone against a thousand enemies if you so desire. Playing an arcade match will also secure you another trophy.

Alongside these custom maps, there are also the ‘Battle Scenarios‘. These are little standalone missions, where you’re presented a choice of character (usually the different infantry classes, but occasionally also the heroes as well) and generally just have to wipe out the waves of enemies set against you within the allotted time period. They are all pretty simple, but each mission has three ranks, each with increasing difficulty, and I did find some of the missions on the higher ranks to be somewhat challenging, which I appreciated (and occasionally got quite frustrated by, when I initially couldn’t complete them).

Completing all the ‘Battle Scenarios’ on the hardest difficulty will get you a bearded Han Solo skin, as seen in the campaign. However, if you’re not feeling up to that, completing all the Scenarios on any level will get you a Silver Trophy.


As the main game mode (for now), the majority of Trophies can be achieved from playing Galactic Assault. As I mentioned previously, a lot of these are pretty simple to complete but time-consuming.

There are the trophies you’ll come across naturally, such as reaching rank 25 and 50, respectively, as well as completing 25 multiplayer milestones, which you can make an effort to do, but will no doubt achieve anyway if you play enough. There’s also a trophy up for grabs for getting the first kill in a match, although I found I achieved that quicker through playing Heroes vs Villains.

Then, there are the class-specific trophies. It’s here, when a trophy is locked into a specific class, that things come pretty tedious. For instance, it’s fairly easy to boost 100 allies as an Officer, especially if you do it at the start of each match, and getting 25 headshots as a Specialist should also be similarly simple if you take a second or two to aim rather than just firing haphazardly. But then there are theHeavy and Assault specific trophies. The Heavy trophy probably took the longest, just because being able to gun down one hundred and fifty enemies while using ‘Sentry Mode’ is understandably time-consuming. It relies on you being close enough to your enemies that you’ll actually do some damage, but far enough away that they can’t just overrun you.

The hardest, for me, was the ‘Vanguard’ trophy, where you had to use your vanguard ability to shotgun three enemies in one go. Five times. Like the ‘Sentry’ trophy, this meant getting in close and keeping the momentum up long enough that you wouldn’t just get shot down before completing the task, as I often was.


Heroes vs Villains, and the other modes that are lumped in with it, are perhaps my favourite facets of the game. When I played on Xbox One, I put a lot of hours into the Hero Deathmatch mode, in which you and one other player would go three rounds against another pair of heroes/villains. With only four people in each match and deaths sticking until the next round, it felt like the mode that needed the most thought put into it. It also felt more like the type of duel you’d actually see in Star Wars as opposed to the craziness of the main ‘Heroes vs Villains’ mode, where eight players would smash together in hopes of taking out their allotted target.

The easiest trophy to earn in here was the one that encouraged you to play as all launch heroes. Along with the aforementioned Iden, Luke, Leia, Han, Lando and Kylo, the game also boasted (at launch) Chewbacca, Yoda, Rey, Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, Boba Fett, Bossk and Darth Maul.

EA has since added Finn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Captain Phasma, General Grievous and Count Dooku to the game, with Anakin Skywalker also finally joining the fray in four days time, but none of these latter characters are required to get the trophy.

Once you’ve played as the various heroes, the next two trophies are more of the same; endlessly toiling away as you strive to bring down fifty enemies whilst being targetted and 500 enemies in general. Fortunately, that second trophy can be done by playing across all game modes.


At the time of writing, Starfighter Assault is probably one of the weaker parts of the game, due to the fact it hasn’t properly been updated in over a year due to the fact that the team responsible for developing this part of the game are no longer working on the project.

In spite of that, starfighter assault is still a lot of fun, as it’s almost a completely different game to the main infantry-focused games, with rich, expansive space battles that are incredibly varied from map to map (unfortunately, not all of those maps – like the Unknown Regions – are winners).

Despite that fun, however, the trophies associated with starfighters are perhaps the most tedious. Luckily, some of them can be completed by just using starfighters in the other game modes, which makes things a lot easier.

Examples of this are the ‘get 20 killstreaks with Interceptors’ and ‘defeat 50 enemies with dual proton torpedos’ trophies, which you can achieve by simply blasting away at the hapless infantry who are trying to complete objectives on the battlefront below. The Interceptor task is over pretty quickly, as the killstreak doesn’t have to be all that high for it to count. The Bomber task takes some time, but when playing on Galactic Assault, as long as you don’t have too many competent enemy pilots around, can be accomplished with ease.

Similarly, the trophy that requires you to destroy 25 objectives can be completed quite easily, as you just need to do what the screen tells you.

The last trophy that I had to work on before going platinum and, as I’m calling it, becoming ‘One with the force’ (it’s a bit lame that the Platinum Trophy doesn’t have a special name, really, isn’t it?) was the one that instructed you to take out 25 hero ships as Fighter ships (X-Wings, Arc-170s, Vulture Droids and TIE Fighters).

This was initially taxing as I prefer to play as Bombers and Interceptors personally, due to their firepower and speed, respectively. Couple that with the fact that whenever a hero ship shows up on screen, it either destroys you before you can get a shot in or is the target of ten of your teammates who will steal your kill and doing this could become quite a time-consuming task.

So prioritising was the key here. While I did get a few kills in on the likes of Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer and Yoda’s Interceptor, it’s far easier to just hunt down the bigger ships when you spawn and just dog them until you complete your task. A well timed shot against the likes of the Millennium Falcon, Slave I or the Scimitar can take you a step closer to nabbing that trophy, and if you plan it right, you can be the one taking advantage of everyone focusing on that one target.

Or you can just sit there for several hours on end until you finally complete it. What I did was a bit of both those approaches.

It worked though.

So that’s that. I got that Platinum Trophy. But the journey doesn’t end there, as Anakin Skywalker arrives in ‘The Chosen One’ update on the 27th of February. I’ll be back with more Battlefront II thoughts on that, as well as a wishlist of what I’d like to see from the game going forward.

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